Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kids & Worms in the Calgary Garden

So Every spring I need to sort things out: books are assembled for drop-off to fundraisers; the general cobwebs around the house are dusted; the garden is sorted and of course the worms are wrangled. These little guys need to be sorted and sifted and generally manhandled occasionally to separate the worm castings (ie worm poop) from the worms.
I like to sort worms before I plant my pots because it is great to get the castings and mix them with the potting soil before planting. Last year, my grand-daughter Mali came over to help. She loves finding the worms amongst the poop. Notice I am wearing gloves! It is a case of lost and found really and when we find a worm we put it in a bucket to add back into the worm bin. I know other people are able to produce perfectly dry castings but mine are always a bit wet so it takes a bit of elbow grease to sort it all out.

But what could be more fun on a rainy day in that dry spot beneath the overhead balcony?

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Calgary Garden Coach said...

This is exactly what I will be doing this week-end! The wheelbarrow is a good idea.