No Guff Authors

The Biggs and Balzer duo have gardened far and wide, from Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Grande Prairie, to Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island. Their first book as a team, No Guff Vegetable Gardening, is a down-to-earth, fun book for new gardeners with a delicious collection of savoury tips and ideas for experienced gardeners.

In this book, the first in a series, they keep gardening simple: taste how fun the science of gardening can be with a food-themed look at soil; make gardening practical with the scatter-and-poke method of seeding; understand the summer squash clan with a family snapshot that describes summer squash siblings.
There’s more than one way to slice a tomato, and throughout their dinner date they don’t agree about everything on the table: join the debate inside.

Brief Biography:

Donna Balzer is a Calgary-based horticulturist with a broad background in horticulture and 30 years experience in everything from native perennials to cultural landscapes. She has been a home vegetable gardener throughout Alberta and in British Columbia.

Steven Biggs is a Toronto-based horticulturist, farm and garden writer, and garden educator. With commercial horticultural experience spanning plant propagation, greenhouse and nursery production, biological controls, and horticultural supplies, his favourite aspect of horticulture is the home garden.