New Book

No Guff Vegetable Gardening
By Donna Balzer and Steven Biggs
No Guff Press

No-Guff Vegetable Gardening is a book that helps you think about how to garden successfully.

YOU KNOW THE WAY so many garden texts begin: A Latin name, then some historical notes about civilizations that grew the vegetable.
And when you’ve yawned your way through all that…you get bombarded with prescriptive instructions laced with exact time frames, temperatures, dates, and spacing. You must, you must, you must…

You get the advice of TWO experts—and our points of view are not always the same. Look for “He Says” and “She Says” throughout the book.

You get the professional insights of horticulturists. We make sense of products and trends and give you thoughtful opinions.

We’re more than gardeners and horticulturists—we’re professional communicators. So we know how to dish up gardening success in a way that’s worthwhile reading.

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