UNSOLICITED RANDOM WORDS About Donna or her book:

" I have listened quite often to your phone in show on CBC radio. You do an excellent job, and I have learned much about gardening and horticultural questions. "


"I have heard you on CBC many times and love your common sense approach to gardening. It is great for someone like me who has just started a garden."

“It was nice to meet you and to listen to your talk in Fort St. John. It is
so nice to hear a realistic approach to gardening that keeps the enjoyment
in it. Keep up the excellent work of sharing info!”
Janice Dagasso

May 2, 2012 Function: ScotiaMacleod Private Banking Talk
Just had to drop you a note to say how very much we enjoyed you and your presentation on Monday evening at the Glencoe.
 Brilliant idea..!!
 …not only are you full of incredible, practical information but you are hilarious, warm, approachable ,friendly and loads of fun.  I’d like to have dinner around your table some evening.
 …If you can get me excited and motivated about gardening you have reached the top!!!
Sandy & Don Bietz   
PS  Love, Love your book!!

What a delight. I wish she (Donna Balzer) was my friend.
I could have listened to her for twice as long--and I don't grow vegetables! She was so happily enthusiastic about what she does. It really is true that if you have a job you love you'll never work a day in your life.

"I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to hear your advice and comments. I appreciate your knowledge and wonderful ability to tell the information in such and understandable way. You are the best."

"You have a wonderful, relaxed, engaging presentation style. It was a pleasure to hear you in Hillcrest last weekend. As a presenter for over forty years, I recognize the good ones!"

From a lady I met on the street during Lilac Fest:
Your book (No Guff Vegetable Gardening) changed my life!

Just wanted to let you know that I just purchased your No Guff Vegetable Gardening last evening. I sat down to take a quick look through it and an hour and a half later I found myself still reading eagerly. Your new book is a lovely romp through vegetable gardening basics and beyond. The “he said, she said” is fun and valuable since there is often two legitimate sides to an issue. I really appreciated the reality-based advice as I find new gardeners can get caught up in the “oughts” of gardening, sometimes to the point of immobility. This lighthearted approach reminds us that gardening is fun and the only mistake we truly make is not to try.
Corinne via email

On  Canadian Gardening's web page:
....The chapter on soils is superb. Balzer and Biggs cover the complexities and importance of creating healthy soil in a way that is engaging and easy to grasp...

Cathie Lank has left a comment on Linked in (about the book - I think):
"Donna this is awesome! It's down to earth and simple, feels like you guys are in our backyards. This will appeal to many gardeners and I'll be sure to point it out to clients! Keep it up, looking forward to more!"

From Teresa in Calgary:
I just picked up your wonderful book, I love it! Congratulations on
making #1 on the Herald's best seller list as well!

From Tyler in Ontario:
What a beautiful and useful gardening book you have put together! I have a few gardening books. I am constantly frustrated by the ones that have a lot of pretty pictures and nice design, but once you start to scratch beneath the surface, theres not a lot there. I can already tell that I'm going to get a lot of mileage from 'no guff'. Some of the tips are already running contrary to the recieved views that I have always gardened by. Like "dig your beds deep every year, the more times the better."

From Terry in Red Deer:
Thank you for the contribution you make to promoting gardening and the health and joy that comes with it. The movement towards local food and gardening seems to keep moving forward and I dearly hope it is here for the long haul. We need it for so many reasons. Take care, Terry

From Holly in Calgary:
Did I tell you how honoured I am to have my name on this wonderful book?! No guff! I'm sure that I did not say that earlier and I want you to know that I am thrilled to think that a really, really lousy gardener like myself could find herself keeping company in such a fantastic way, with you.

Here's to over-the-moon sales, a ton of fun at your signings and, what the heck, a tremendous gardening season in Calgary!
From R.M. in Regina about the book:
...colourful, clever and fun...and useful.....incredibly illustrated...

 I love Donna Balzer. My past as a compulsive gardener in a challenging climate has found me many times reading her books and periodicals. I like your (No Guff Vegetable Gardening) cover as I think it’s funny and light. Believe me gardening and gardeners are way too serious.
L H-Y, North Mount, Calgary

"Donna this is awesome! It's down to earth and simple, feels like you guys are in our backyards. This will appeal to many gardeners and I'll be sure to point it out to clients! Keep it up, looking forward to seeing the book...."