Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Marilyn Needs Help

Dear Donna-
I transplanted about 20 of my houseplants in the fall. I used a reputable President's Choice houseplant soil and clean plant pots. Unfortunately, I had some other unwanted things appear in my home about a week later. They are a small black quick flying little bug. They are very annoying and they are everywhere....

Dear Marilyn - Refer to my previous "It's Bugs In The Wine Time Again" blog. You have a different bug than I have but the cure is the same. You have fungus gnats - and they came free in your soil. In the future when you buy new soil put a bit in a glass jar, moisten the soil, seal the lid and wait a week. If you see flies hatching be ready with your nematodes as soon as you use the soil.  See "Fly Killers Have Arrived" entry for nematode info. 
Dear Donna- Thanks for your quick reply. A major offensive was launched when I found them in my drink of water...
Dear Readers- I couldn't make up anything this good!

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