Saturday, May 23, 2009

Home Depo and Proven Winners - compare these plants

High end decorating magazines always show the expensive area rug or table next to the knock-off. Consumers always feel ripped off if they have just bought a trendy new interior piece at the high end price when it clearly looks the same as the knock-off. 

I feel that way right now showing you photos here of  Silver Fog Euphorbia (a Home Depo - ie cheaper- brand) and Diamond Frost Euphorbia  (a Proven Winner - ie expensive brand). Of course the Home Depo plant is bigger but the cost for this 11 cm plant was $4.47. The specialty nursery charged me $8.45 for the smaller 9 cm pot. Of course I can't tell you where I bought that but I just want gardeners to be aware of costs and to let you know even Donna Balzer pays too much some times. 

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