Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bloomerang Lilac Featured in MACLEAN'S magazine this week

 MACLEAN'S featured a plant (on page 44) this week!  It is totally amazing how far the breeders of this new lilac have gone to promote it. The article reads as if it is an exceptional plant that everyone will be clamoring for. In fact it seems like quite an ordinary plant so far and zone 3 gardeners (myself included) are still unsure if it is an improvement over the regular little leaf lilac (Syringa meyeri palibin). Both plants are supposed to bloom twice. Both are purple and both have a small habit. 

Here are two photos - the top is the new Bloomerang in bloom in late June in Calgary and the bottom one is a more mature "no name" little leaf lilac in Edmonton in late June. Neither one looks anything like the French lilac which is featured prominently in the MACLEAN'S piece (photo page 44, July 27, 2009 article).

As I said - the jury is out.

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Anonymous said...

My bloomerangs of early this year (2010)are blooming like mad, that is continuously, thank to God. Last years late planted shrub is quite healthy, but very, very lazy, almost no reblooming at all. So, result depends on luck, what lot could you put your hands on.

The fragance of my pinkish dwarf bloomerangs are minuscule, not even close to my ordinary lilacs whose strong aroma can be detected from hundreds of yards.

It would be nice to have a very good description how to dedhead with good results bloomerang. It is very different from ordinary lilac, and found zero explanation from the so called professional gardeners. They may know the name dedheading, but have zero clue how to do it for bloomerang. You can get some worthless blabla from the big sellers "experts".