Monday, June 7, 2010

Momentum Mower- Love it

If you were listening to CBC Radio on Friday you heard me interview two husbands about their new mowers. The two husbands had something in common - they both hated their old hand push mowers - one had a Lee Valley Tools push mower and one had a Gardena push mower - both top of the line cutting machines.

One husband bought a new Cadet battery powered mower and one a Momentum push Mower from Fiskars. In the end it has become a love in for the Fiskars mower - half the price of the Cadet and just as effective. Available from Canadian Tire.

My neighbor came over to borrow the Momentum by Fislars to mow his neighbor's lawn. When he returned it he was overwhelmed. "It's my favorite mower - not just among push mowers but all mowers". Pretty good testimonial. But with all the bad push mowers out there it may be hard to get gardeners and husbands to try this new machine. It is not like any other push mower so has to be tried to be believed.


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The most common problem with push mowers is that they are not adjusted correctly. The cutting blades should be touching the cutting bar. The blades should not spin freely but come to a stop when the mower stops. That doesn't mean that it will be hard to push but there needs to be contact with the blades and cutting bar.

If it needs harpening, get a sharpening kit and do it properly. Don't take a file to the blades. Lee Valley puts on reel mower shapening workshops for free. That's right, Lee Valley and free in the same sentence.