Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Diseae at Reader Rock Garden

Just noticed the Hosta virus has hit Calgary - saw it a few years ago when touring Hosta growers in Holland and now there are hostas showing signs of disease in Calgary's Reader Rock Garden. Look at photos of normal (top) and disease (leaves smaller, speckled and veined, below) Hostas pictured. This problem has been in Eastern Canada for several years so had to eventually come here too! Sadly there is nothing to be done- perhaps removing and destroying infected plants?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Some of the hosta sites I frequent have been discussing this for years Most hosta collectors order /buy their plants from places that test. Big box stores and many nurseries get large orders from Holland and they are not tested.I discovered one in a friends yard 2 yrs ago, just bought at a big box store .staff mostly dont know about it even in reputable stores.If you ask where plants come from and if tested they have no idea.It is possible to get test kits. And tools should be cleaned from plant to plant so it does not spread in your yard.