Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kids and Seed Catalogues

Mali asked if we should really be looking at catalogues now. "It's still winter grandma" she reminded me. "Don't we order seeds in the spring?" Yes, I reminded her. We do want to get seeds and plant them in the spring but this is the best time of year to look at pictures and read catalogues and order things so we can get them planted at the right time. I like order seeds over the holidays when there is time to dream and I had the kids for the afternoon so why not do a little garden dreaming?

My little six-year-old grand-daughter wrote down her usual favorites. She wanted beets and carrots and especially tomatoes. She asked for pickles and then corrected herself. "I meant cucumbers". After a few minutes consideration she crossed everything off her list. "What I really want Grandma is Phlox and Saskatoon berries", she confirmed after reaching the back of the catalogue with its tempting blooms and colourful fruits.

Her brothers were browsing their own catalogues (yes- grandma has a few on hand) and came up with their own favorites. Four year-old Kale wanted Veronica Romanesco Cauliflower and Pattypan squash. He was very specific and very driven by the full colour photos and memories of his garden last summer where he excelled with purple cauliflower. Cohen, at three, wanted everything purple. Purple beans, purple cauliflower, purple cabbage, purple carrots. He had no interest in anything else.

They are gone home now but their excited little faces are still with me. I am going to start ordering spring seeds this week!

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