Thursday, April 14, 2011

Radish Seeded Yesterday

There was a fleeting moment of sun yesterday and I optimistically seeded some new radish outdoors. I am also giving Topsi radish seeds away in my business cards to gardeners who come to my talks (Fish Creek Library tonight) because I want gardeners to remember me and to try something new. This new organically grown hybrid radish seed is supposed to be ready in 20 days from emerging and can be seeded into cold soil - up to a month before our last frost.

My partner and friend Steven Biggs is working at adding Environment Canada's last frost dates to our webpage. That info will help gardeners figure out when a month before their last frost date is and once their soils warm a bit the early seeds can go in the ground. Okay- if you are doing the math you are right- it is not a month but more like 6 weeks before the last frost date here but -heh- what's a few radish seed.

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