Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Holes new Enjoy Centre

I am so out of date with posts that I am looking at photos from April and realizing I have not mentioned Holes new Enjoy Centre yet. I was toured around by Jim Hole and the site was massive- if you are thinking of checking out picture perfect plants check out the new Hole's Enjoy Centre in St. Albert. It is just north of Edmonton but so close to the ring road I wondered why the directions took us through town and out again?

Everything is automatic - it is not like any old ma and pa operation that's for sure. Here is a picture of the automatic hanging basket operation - a site to behold.

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Holly said...

I took my mom today to the new Holes Enjoy Centre. "Enjoy" is not the word I would use for this monstronsity of an industrial building.
My first impression of seeing the checkouts to my left as I walked in was "Ikea". Big, impersonal and so busy, but with many people walking out empty-handed. My assumption is that the prices were absurdly high - $22 for a six pack of annuals - are you kidding me? I overhead a lady commenting to her other half while looking at a bag of dirt "We can't afford that".
The wonderful photo on this website of all the flowers on the trolley system (something like you see at the drycleaners) is misleading. This room had ropes across the entrance saying it was for employees only - so I witnessed ladies standing at the entrance watching these plants slowly moving by in front of them wthin reach - wasn't sure if one was supposed to grab one as they floated by or not.....and the baskets were not that big - they were quite small in growth.
What happened to the personal shopping experience of wandering admist the hanging baskets and having the pleasure of picking one. This industrial trolley system certainly takes that away. Lois must be turning over in her grave.
Also, what is up with a huge cafeteria/food area - definitely Ikea'ish.
My mom and I walked out - there was not one thing we wanted to buy.