Sunday, October 30, 2011

Most Unusual Landscape Features

Donna was out and about again - on tour as it were. Although the purpose of the meeting was garden writing, Eaglesong, the "director of natural beauty" gave us a tour of the grounds at the Willows Lodge in Woodenville, near Seattle. Eaglesong not only directs beauty, she digs in and composts and prunes and plants. She is part of a very small crew managing this sustainable landscape (for anyone who still thinks sustainable is "natural" or "messy" check out this near perfect landscape.) Willow Lodge is beautiful and in full fall mode right now and staff are planting bulbs and touring garden writers. I was there for the region six Garden Writer's meeting and I am definitely an interloper (region 7 is Canada and the rest of the world so I was slightly out of my range).

Today at Willow Lodge we saw Bill Reid's work (he is a Canadian First Nation's artist) all over the grounds and inside the hotel. Wow - I am proud to be a Canadian. The dead burned out ancient Fir at the entrance and poisonous mushrooms were the most unusual landscape elements I had ever seen. How fabulous is this?

Well - it is a beautiful place - no doubt and they are ready for Halloween too.
When a deadly poisonous mushroom sprouts, Eaglesong points it out rather than removing it.


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