Thursday, November 3, 2011

Compost Applied This Fall

Donna is doing her best to make her Calgary Garden a delight for the new owner. Yes- you read this right. As of January this gardener is moving in to a tiny condo and leaving behind her fabulous city garden. I guess there are two approaches to leaving. Number one: take all the plants and head for the hills. Second choice: leave all the plants and add compost so the plants and soil overwinter under a luxurious bed of organic matter. I chose door number 2. After some miscommunication I arranged TopSpray from Cochrane to pop by with some blow-on mulch. I usually get the big bag of compost but wanted to go out with style (and try something I had not used personally before even though I often suggest it with good results to clients).

Is it Nutri-Om or Nutri-Loam? There seems to be some confusion and I was worried I was getting the wrong thing when I ordered one and was billed for the other. When the guys arrived to install the stuff it was dirty and blowing around. Frankly I was worried I had made a mistake but it looked great once it was down and cleaned up. What a super way to put the garden to bed. But I am always worried in Calgary that it won't snow and the garden soil will dry out and before you know it the garden is freeze-dried instead of ready for winter. Of course last year was a change up. It snowed and never stopped.

Anyway I have suggested this to many clients but only this year did I actually get around to doing it myself.... about time. I still don't know what it is called but it looks good. Very good. And reports are it is biologically active so we can expect some super effects in spring....


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