Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seed Primer and Garden Chat

Suspense, excitement and the thrill of the unknown. It's an amazing thing to fill a room well in advance of showing up. That is what happened in Qualicum Beach where I am speaking this weekend. I wasn't sure if there would be any interest in a talk about gardening and starting seeds this early in the season but the librarian e-mailed me to say both sessions are full with a waiting list of 25.

What triggers people to come to talks each and every spring about the same subject? I know for me it is the unknown. Maybe a speaker will tell a funny joke or share some wisdom about gardening that I didn't know. I used to love watching Lois Hole tell the same stories every spring just because I loved Lois. Sometimes it is just a chance to get together with like-minded people and share a topic you already know and love. It is a way to learn and a way to share. It surely isn't the door prizes, but then again who knows?

I plan to share the suspense of starting seeds with my Qualicum Beach audience this weekend. I hope to dazzle with the excitement of compost building and thrill the audience with the unknown mysteries of growing vegetables. What is the amorevean cucumber and why do we care? If you are not able to join us Saturday because the session is full you can call me to arrange a talk in your community, or just to ask about the cucumber. A chat is just a chat but a garden chat can go anywhere and with the enthusiasm of spring and gardeners energy overflowing it will never get boring.


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Jody urquhart said...

Dazzling indeed! So cool Donna. love your blog.
lucky crowd to get a speaker like you!