Friday, June 1, 2012

Water Your Pots - Automatically

Today I interviewed Helen Gitzel at Regency irrigation in Calgary to get the details on watering pots automatically. My husband set up a system for me but - alas- I didn't know what to call the bits and pieces he used so I called Regency. If you want to set up your own self watering system and you are not too handy, you can call most irrigation companies  and they will walk you through it. Or you could go to Regency in person if you are local and want to customize something for your own pots and plants.
1. Hose y or splitter
2. Rubber garden hose (measure to get the right length so you don't have a bunch of extra hose)
3. Automatic timer (ranges in price 19.95- 115.00)
4. Multi- port bubbler
5. 1/4 inch micro tubing 
6. Micro sprinkler or bubbler - one for each pot you want to water.

After you set up the system test it out to make sure you have enough time. I have pots in a sunny area with soilless mix instead of soil so I use about 10 minutes of water every day. 

Have fun!

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