Thursday, August 16, 2012

Garden Success...

One of my self-watered pots in Calgary
In this hot summer my single biggest success was water- automatic water. My husband hooked up an irrigation system to my pots on my condo balcony in Calgary and the pots water themselves every day. Even when I am away. It's a miracle.

Keith used a simple timer (mechanical versus battery operated) and a splitter from the main water line with an individual mini-sprinkler going to each pot.  This has been a huge success. Nicely growing plants and colour without lifting a finger for maintenance.

New Patio in Qualicum Beach

When I am away I am really away- 1,000 km from Calgary we have our "other" home. I come and go a lot. I wonder what things will look like when I get back from giving Garden talks or coaching  gardeners in  their Calgary yards and gardens. This is why Keith also set up an irrigation system for our pots on our newly created patio. Can you believe this used to be a parking pad? We ripped out the pavement, set up the greenhouse, installed patio bricks and then placed our old Calgary furniture and pots. The look on our visitor's faces when the water comes on at night is priceless. Many people jump up when they hear the hiss of water. But Keith has a plan. Only the pots get wet, we reassure our guests. 

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME DONNA... I am sure you would pull off a beautiful space. You have a place in Qualicum Beach??? We have a condo at Parksville!!!