Friday, November 14, 2008

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If you somehow missed her on the award winning garden show Bugs & Blooms (now in re-runs on HGTV and around the world), you can catch her in the summer answering listener questions on CBC. Failing that, open the Calgary Herald and you’ll find her on-going gardening column. There’s also a good chance you’ll see her work in either “Garden Life Magazine” or “Canadian Gardening”

A graduate of the University of Alberta’s Plant science program specializing in horticulture, a Professional Agrologist (P. Ag.) and certified Landscape Gardener Journeyman, it’s no surprise that Donna has become a very well respected freelance garden and environmental consultant. She is well known for her work with architects, landscape architects, high profile commercial clients (The City of Calgary’s Reader Rock Garden to name just one), and local home gardeners. Nine years as resident horticulturalist for the Calgary Zoo’s Botanical Garden, and 2 years as a horticulture instructor at Olds College have also added to Donna’s reputation as a true master in her field.

Donna’s work has also been recognized through several awards. Her first book “Gardening for Goofs is a Canadian best seller and her second book “The Prairie Rock Garden” received the Carlton R. Worth award for writing. In 2003 Donna received “The Distinguished Agrologist Award” from her peers in Agrology. HGTV’s hit internationally broadcast gardening show “Bugs & Blooms” won Donna and her Co-Host Todd Reichardt the Garden Globe Award for best talent in electronic media in 2002.

Garden celebrity, author, local plant hero, Donna’s ambition is inspired by her genuine love of all things green and passion for sharing her life’s work with you. For a detailed resume please email

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