Friday, November 14, 2008

Lawn Chemicals Banned in Alberta- That's a relief!

Finally - lawn chemicals are banned in Alberta (Calgary Herald November 14, Page B1) - starting January 2010. Well, better late than never. Who are the secret people secretly using these chemicals anyway? Will they stockpile a supply well into the future? Do they know the effect of the chemicals on our water supply and on all the other creatures living in and using the soil? Okay this is sounding like a rant instead of a polite gardening column.

I really do hope this is the end of chemicals on lawns and - hopefully in gardens. Instead of spraying your lawn I often just boil water and pour it on the dandelions - it is simple, doesn't kill much except the weeds and seems to work. A reader suggested the following:

"I have been doing the boiling water thing after digging up dandelions, quite successfully. I learned after the first time to employ a funnel when pouring the boiling water into the hole. Do not use too much water, and lift the funnel out carefully so the water stays in the hole. There will be no brown patch – just healthy green grass ready to take over the space formerly occupied by the dandelion.

Those Russian samovars used to keep water hot for tea would be a great source of boiling water if one were operating far from an electrical outlet.
Ardell "

I say way to go Ardell.... Now will everyone who has secret chemical stashes simply drop them off at the fire hall for disposal and everyone can live happily ever after?

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Joan said...

Hey, congrats on the new blog. Now you'll have to learn a whole new language of Netspeak. LOL. On second thought, maybe better not.

I've found that a mixture of 2/3 vinegar to 1/3 dish soap works well on leafy weeds -- spray in the morning and the dish soap keeps the vinegar on the leaves during the sunny part of the day. Works best on young plants, of course. The best part is, it's safe to give the kids and they love spraying.