Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More on recycled pots...

Well - here it is. The basil seedlings are well up now even though our house was so cold over the holidays my poinsettia died from cold temperature injury! What are you gonna do? It's an old house and the furnace gave out during an especially cold spell. Enough about the house. Our housesitter - lovely girl - watered my basil in my freezing cold house as often as she remembered while I was away over the holidays.

One obvious thing  is that the cowpots do not tolerate  drying out - or at least I assume this is what happened because everything had germinated before I left them in the care of the housesitter. From left to right here are the pots on trial: Coir pot, ecotainer, cowpot. As you can see the cowpots have failed miserably and there is nothing left. These pots look and feel a lot like peat pots and I know those are also subject to drying out.  Cowpots pots break easily too and the rims are already breaking down even though the pot of dead plants is no longer being watered - obviously. I guess I'll move some of the basil plants into individual pots and allow the two remaining pots of basil in the two surviving recyclable pots to bulk up a bit as is just to see if the pots break down as the plants grow bigger. Watching plants grow - my new hobby in January!

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