Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter Snow Weighs down hedges

Our Christmas break to our west coast getaway went sideways with snowfall exceeding expectations for Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island as we arrived December 23.  With over a metre (3 feet) of snow falling the weekend before Christmas, all golf games were cancelled and planned gardening activities such as digging the final carrots for Christmas dinner just didn't happen. The heavy snow literally crushed hedges and created what could be quite a mess this spring. 
Evergreen hedges will probably be most affected and the only solution is to be right there when the snow falls and knock it off before it builds up. Easy to say but hard to do once the damage has happened. We will now have to wait until spring to really evaluate our damage.

The good news is that once the snow melted a  bit it was once more kayaking season and a view from the bay revealed a surviving  hedge near an older home. Imagine pruning this tall evergreen hedge!

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