Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meet Donna - Come to a talk!

If you run into me on 4th street you will probably ask - "So- what do you do in the winter"?

Okay - maybe you won't ask it that directly, but you are probably thinking it as I juggle my produce and dog and look a little less than put together. Well the news flash is that I am putting together talks. These talks are all going to be revealed this spring. I am also traveling to see what is new in the big world of horticulture.  

I know, I know, many of you thought I knew everything already but in fact there is always something new or some new interpretation of something new or something old made to look new. In the last few weeks I have met with irrigation specialists and soil labs to see what is new in these areas. And there are new things and I do intend to write about them but as you know I am busy putting these talks together. 

I have also booked a trip to Seattle to see the Northwest Flower Show in Seattle on Feb. 17, and I have signed up for a course on Vancouver Island February 28. 

Of course I have been skiing and walking my dog but that is just to stay fit for my challenging, upcoming speaking engagements. In fact, that is what this column is all about - my speaking engagements. I want you to look at the sidebar on the left and if you can come to any of my talks this spring please do. And take the time to  introduce yourself as a blog reader! I can hardly believe winter will be over soon and gardening will start in ernest. 

I am so busy getting these talks ready I have not even ordered seed yet. Yes, it is true - I have not ordered any seed yet. I will do that promptly. Next week. Well, how 'bout when  I get these talks finalized? Meanwhile I will leave you with a quick tip. If you are working with old seed and lets face it - who doesn't hang on to some old seed for more than one season? - you can give it a germination boost by misting it with kelp before you seed it or by actually soaking the seed in kelp overnight before it is seeded. Either way, the gibberellins in Kelp will trigger better germination in old seed and even if you spend all winter not ordering new seed you will have something to show for it. 

Now make that call and sign up for a talk! Okay - I also need to write more about biostimulants such as  kelp and humic acid and whatnot but not today. As I said - I am busy. 

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