Saturday, February 21, 2009

Northwest Flower & Garden Show

I am always hoping to be garden overwhelmed and lately I think everything proposed in ornamental gardens is the same old same old. This happened again this week when I went to a sneak preview of the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle. It was advertised as the last flower show for Seattle and I had been really excited by previous shows so I flew down for the event. 

Water, rocks, pots and comfy couches. Yes - it sounds dream-like and it was - except every exhibit had these elements. The only things a little more unusual were the green walls and especially the green wall fence with the peek-a-boo view through (See photo). I am pretty sure we can't do that in Calgary but it was fun to look at. It makes me long for the Canada Blooms show last year with it's emphasis on recycled materials. 

While the Seattle show is over by Sunday Feb. 21, 2009 the Toronto show is a month away and well worth it if you are in the neighborhood - which I will not be. This year I am speaking in Wainwright Alberta at that time - showing photos and videos of Seattle among others -  so there is no way I will make it to Canada Blooms. Come to think of it the shopping opportunities  outweighed the exhibits in Toronto last year but at least we can buy the products here in Canada without worrying about border crossings!

Here is a video of one exhibit in Seattle under construction. Is is beautiful? Yes. Is it new? I don't think so - what do you think?

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