Thursday, April 16, 2009

Love That Fish Compost!

Where ever you live there is bound to be great compost but if you live on the coast you are in for a treat.  Fish compost- piled high and steamy hot just ripe for spreading - may be available close to you!

I say this knowing full well most people buy their soils and compost in the tiny cubic foot bags and pay about $3.00-$5.00 per bag. This is such a waste of plastic (27 bags per cubic yard is a lot of hauling and cutting open of bags and general hassle). It is also a waste of money. While the tiny bags need to be individually opened and then disposed of, the bulk compost is  available by the cubic yard from a local "bulk landscape supplier" outlet for $50.00 per yard.  The first thing I did when I arrived at our "beach" house was to google bulk landscape suppliers. I wanted to go look at the mulch available. 

I was surprised and delighted by the appearance of the fish compost available on Vancouver Island- it is made with fish parts mixed with bark mulch and the finished product is screeened and black and weed free. Unlike composts made with manure, the fish compost is probably free of herbicides as well. I immediately spread it by wheelbarrow loads over  my lawn. I  tossed shovel loads off the wheelbarrow and began raking it in. I used a fan rake to make sure it wasn't in big clumps or piles on the lawn - this would cause random green sprouts everywhere. All in all I spread it about 50 mm or 1/2 cm deep (about 1/4").

My point is simple. Wherever you live you can call or google a bulk landscape supplier and get yourself some wholesome compost. 

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