Thursday, April 23, 2009

Snow in April - Not too unusual

Yes- while I was up in Beaverlodge speaking to the fabulous garden club it was snowing back home in Calgary. This - of course- after I put out my pansy wreath the night before (when it was plus 20 C). Oh well, even with the snow, it was only minus 8 C according to my i-phone-  usually pansies can tolerate this. Okay - it's true, I usually  suggest hardening off Pansies before plunking them out in minus 8 but I was in Beaverlodge! What can I say? And just in case you have never been to Beaverlodge - the town - I am not speaking about visiting a little rodent home but a real live town west of Grand Prairie. And the people there were great! Thanks for the hospitality.

See photo above of pansy wreath and below that a photo of the first hospital in Beaverlodge.  Expect to see future photos of thriving pansies!

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