Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blackberries are ready early!

Yes the wild foraging continues. This week the wild blackberries are ready and they are mother's nectar! Big bold and black. Even though it has been dry on the coast there seems to be more fruit than I can remember. Maybe it is a stress response - many plants bloom more if the conditions are stressful and the drought and heat on the coast this summer has definitely been over the top.

Most people think of the coast as lush and green but there is a very dry season in the summer when the lawns go brown and the plants just sit and wait.  We spread the fish compost this spring on the lawn and are on a modified watering program and it seems to have worked because the lawn was "pale" green until it rained and then it quickly brightened with the heavy rain the other night. 

Back to the blackberries ... pies to be made 

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