Saturday, August 22, 2009

Two Minutes - two wasps

Although I have all the commercial wasp traps at my disposal, I also bought one at the Farmer's market today. This caused a small problem. At this time of year all wasps really want is meat. This is why they are buzzing trees looking for aphids and picnics looking for sandwiches. We had it on good authority they also eat fish.

The only fish we had was the dead fish head in yesterday's garbage.

You guessed it - the handy husband went out to the garage and sifted through you know what looking for you know what. Anyway with fish head in place in the trap we caught the first two wasps in two minutes. Now this is a simple device- an empty can of niblets makes up the base and with entry holes in the can the wasps fly in looking for the fish and then up into the screened portion and then you guessed it - they are trapped. All this for 12 dollars and a fish head. The price is right and dinner will be wasp free tonight.

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Marlene Hielema said...

What do you suggest we do after we catch the wasps? Kill them with spray, squish them, or let them go?