Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring on the Island

Hate to brag but gardens are not created equal and right now - as I write - several things are in bloom on Vancouver Island. Yes my garden in Calgary is still in the deep freeze but out here I have been taking the temperature of my compost, watching the flowers bloom, harvesting the last of the Brussel Sprouts and seeding lettuce...If this doesn't sound like very much excitement then you are not a true gardener!

Of course watching flowers bloom doesn't take up all my time. I am proceeding nicely with my new book series - I decided "a book" wasn't going to cover all of my interests so I am breaking it up into little bits and pieces. I am co-writing with another garden writer from Toronto and we have made great progress. I have also been watching TV - it is the Olympics after all! No -seriously - I was sent a review copy of the movie "Dirt" and have watched that and will be reviewing it prior to its airing on PBS March 20 of this year.

Okay back to the series - it is going to be of main interest to Urban Gardeners mainly because the rural gardeners I know already know more than I do.... send me a note if you disagree!

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