Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weeds in Hollywood!

Yes I am back - it was a marvelous sabbatical and I am sure I will be publishing bits and pieces of my escape to New Zealand over the next few weeks as I sort through my pictures.

Today I present a surprise. It is a common weed that we all know. I remember standing in E & M Woodland gardens last spring when a client asked the owner Ed what to do about this greedy weed and native plant that had taken over her farm near Sundre, Alberta. Imagine my surprise when on my flight home through LA we popped off the plane for a few hours to stretch our legs and we saw horsetail - yes common horsetail - in use in a very elegant flower shop in Los Angeles.

Of course I quizzed the owner of the store. "Aren't you worried this little weed will escape and become the next environmental disaster in LA? He laughed and said most of his clients kept it in pots and we moved on. So, if you have been wondering what to do with the weeds on your property consider a hollywood move - or at least trying them in a pot.

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