Thursday, March 25, 2010

Countdown: Six Top Ideas for Gardeners This Spring

Idea # 3

The Wave of Urban Agriculture is not abating and the city of Toronto had a big display put together by city staff at Canada Blooms this spring. We have a ways to go in Calgary although the Community Gardens initiative supported by the City of Calgary has come a long way and is going forward with big plans again this year.

Lets get some of our Agriculture back into the city. Plant to plant a few vegetable pots or a row of beans or potatoes or tomatoes this summer. Plant an extra row for the "Grow a Row" - this extra produce goes to the food bank. Also, lets look at Vancouver and Toronto's lead with their "Sharing Backyard's" program. This not-for-profit group links homeowners with no backyard with people who have lots of unused space. Look it up at:

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