Friday, March 26, 2010

countdown: Six Top Ideas for Gardeners This Spring

Idea #2: Stop Polluting with small Rototillers and Mowers

What could be more polluting than an old-school gas mower? The new "Momentum Mower" from Fiskars will be available this spring at Canadian tire. Anyone who hates the noise and pollution of a traditional gas mower is going to love this new unit which is completely different from other push mowers. The developer is Fiskars and they have been selling sharp cutting edges since 1649 and this is just the latest cutting edge. I currently have a Gardena push mower but it misses spots, is not good in deep grass, gets stuck when you run over a stick and generally doesn’t work too well. The new Momentum promises to solve many of the traditional problems of push mowers so I’ll look forward to its introduction. Retail price: $279.00 in Canada

PS If you are still using a two-cycle engine rototill such as the Mantis, you may want to consider either hand digging or the newest approach to gardening - Zero till. Not digging seems lazy but it actually saves a lot of energy and saves the damage normally done to microbes in the soil.

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