Monday, February 14, 2011

Heating the Greenhouse

Have I lost my mind or just my heater? Last year this time I was merrily heating my greenhouse to get some tomatoes and whatnot growing. So when I strolled out to the greenhouse this weekend to get the place properly fired up I was wondering where the little heater I used last year had gone?

Apparently it is gone. As in stolen or misplaced - it is just not there. So luckily my husband rescued me and was off to buy a topnotch Honeywell Ceramic heater at the hardware store. I put all my trust in it and this morning everything was fine. Little seedlings looking good, high-low thermometer registering a minimal temperature of plus 5 last night. I love this little greenhouse. It feels like summer in there. A trip to Australia might be cheaper but this is a daily feel-good activity.

I am going to plant the rest of my potatoes for easter today.

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