Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thinking About Potatoes

I have a greenhouse I mainly use in spring and summer. I love it for keeping the frost off basil and tomatoes in May. When other gardeners are struggling with too-tall seedlings and freezing cold nights, I have some protection built in with my greenhouse.

I do have some sprouting potatoes in my cupboard right now (early February) and it did occur to me they might do quite well in a cool greenhouse and possibly yield a few spuds by Easter if I got started now. Easter is at the end of April this year and wouldn't purple and blue potatoes be fun in a salad or with supper along with all those Easter eggs?

I decided to put a high-low thermometer in the greenhouse before I decide if the weather is suitable. I know I will have to heat it a bit but not sure how much. Meanwhile I have hauled all my stored pots into the greenhouse in preparation for the big planting event. This way the soil can thaw and warm up a bit prior to planting. I know some people empty out their pots in fall but I never get around to that so guess what? They are ready to go into potato production. I only have four potatoes so it is not a big deal if it doesn't work but they are all special - a blue, purple, red and yellow saved for illustrations for my new book and now just spares laying around.

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