Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Earth Day at Bylands

It is almost earth day and I am trying to dig myself out of the mess I have created. First I have a load of things planted in my greenhouse that need to be moved outside in the next few weeks before they get too big. This includes cabbage and broccoli and hardy lettuce (Freckles Romaine pictured above). The tender plants need to stay indoors a while longer yet.

Trouble is I am off to Bylands Nursery in Kelowna on Sunday where I am giving an updated talk about vegetables (loosely based on my book No Guff Vegetable Gardening.) Jenny at Bylands has been the best to work with and she warned me the talk would be in the greenhouse but right up to the last minute I was asking her about powerpoint. Uh- No. It is in a greenhouse where it will be bright and sunny and spring-like. It will not be good for slides. Oops.

So this morning I converted my whole talk to just over ten slides and Jenny has promised to print them out. (wish I could show it here - let me know if you are a computer person and know how to add pdf's or keynote presentations to blogspot).

Some of my top ten points about Veggie Gardening - A love Affair are:
#10 Size Doesn't Matter
#9 Frost Free Dates are just a guideline
#8 Veggies are Hip
#7 Culture Counts
#6 Good for Your Soil(get your hands dirty)
#5 No age restrictions
#4 It's not a boot camp
#3 Have fun/ Don't forget to Play
#2 Don't let the bugs bug you
#1 Good for you- Good for your soul

For more information about my earth day talk call Jennifer at Byland's Nursery in Kelowna at 1-250-769-7272.
For more information about how I will get all the work done at my place on Vancouver Island stay tuned. I am about to be on the road for 6 weeks. P.S. I also have a place in Calgary so this is becoming complicated. To book me as a speaker for your event call my land line in Calgary (1-403-233-8999) and leave a message- I am not sure where in the world I will be when you call but I do hope I am in a garden.

Meanwhile I am speaking at various towns in Alberta including: Calgary (several dates in April and May), Vilna (April 28), Edmonton (April 29, May 12 &13), Camrose(May 4), Stettler & Rimbey (May 5) and Hillcrest (May 24). In Regina I will be speaking on May 10th - and that is a fund raiser for Cancer so I hope we have a big crowd. In British Columbia I am in Fort Saint John on May 27th. Lynnette there has done an amazing job rallying the troops to bring me in and I look forward to a great response as I return to my Northern roots.

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