Sunday, April 8, 2012

Farmer for a day

Yesterday I swapped stories with other farmers, chatted with new gardeners and had a great old time pretending.

It was my first day at a farmers market as - you guessed it- a farmer.

I was selling my extra tomatoes and lettuce and visiting with shoppers in the tiny community of Qualicum Beach. "Is it time to plant your tomatoes outdoors?" asked several people as they looked at and considered buying my tiny plants. "NO!" I warned everyone. These plants are ready to bump up into a bigger pot but it is not time to plant tomatoes outdoors yet.

My full adventure is going to be featured in my Calgary Herald column appearing May 4 2012 when my regular Herald articles resume on Fridays. Photo above will give a hint of what is to come: Donna as farmer and gardener and generally having fun. Meanwhile mark your calendars- I will be at the Signal Hill Indigo store April 26, 2-12 at 6:30 PM in the evening.

And no, I will not be selling tomatoes there, only books.

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