Monday, October 8, 2012

More Deer Proof Plants

Rudbeckia in front of Calamagrostis in Qualicum Beach are definitely deer proof.
Perhaps I am a slow learner or maybe I just haven't taken the time to look around  before now. Yesterday I realized anything blooming and thriving in a public space in Qualicum Beach is - by definition- deer proof. This a a town where deer lounge on most front lawns at night and when you see the signs saying to slow down- deer ahead- you actually see deer. Like boomers from across Canada, deer have gathered on Vancouver Island. But even with all the deer, the town grows award winning floral displays and the Community in Blooms awards are posted proudly around town.

Among others, deer-accessible flowers include alyssum, ageratum, begonias and salpiglossis. Perennials include Sedum, rudbeckia, salal, oregon grape, phormium and most ornamental grass such as Calamagrostis and Blue Oat grass.

A few years ago after we put up our deer proof fence around the back garden a baby deer got stuck on the garden side with the mom was on the other side of the fence. We were right there trying to figure out how the baby got inside the fence. After some frantic erratic dashes past us and towards mother deer, the baby suddenly found the spot and  crawled under the eight inch gap at the bottom of the fence and pranced away.

If you live in a town with deer the first step (and better than looking on the internet) is to walk around town to see what is thriving and plant that. Seems too simple - doesn't it?

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sensiblegardening said...

Here in the Okanagan we have deer living on our property, a herd of about 30 or so. I agree with all your deer proof plants except for one. Sedums, the intereior deer quite like them. Sometimes they eat the buds in spring, other years they wait till fall and eat the flower tops. Nothing is sacred!