Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Babies are Born!

It had been almost nine months and with twins expected we thought maybe we'd get an early arrival. The full moon had come and gone and still no babies. All signs were good but still nothing to hold and cuddle. Instead every week we heard utra-sound updates, and telephone updates. We looked often at e-mail. We waited.

Suddenly Keith called out from his office- 'Donna come down right now". I saw him standing at his computer and rushed towards him, toothpaste spilling from my mouth, housecoat half open. "Are the babies here?" I gurgled trying to keep my mouth contents contained.

No- no - but look out the window. Just then two Quail and 13 day old babies rushed past Keith's office and we tracked them into the family room. I rushed to get my camera and caught them scooting through the garden.

Just yesterday we had talked about the lack of Quail and how we had not seen them for a while- quite a while it seemed. Now we had a quick overview of the very large family. Not the babies we expected but cute and oh so tiny. It looked like they were nibbling on seeds and bugs as they made their quick tour of the yard.

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