Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Like Martha

I am just home from the Garden Writer's Symposium (GWA) in Indianapolis and I have to say in a word it was great. I went to talks, saw new products, bought books, sold books and marketed my book "No Guff Vegetable Gardening". I gave an excellent talk about self-published books with my partner Steven Biggs and it generated all kinds of ideas and feedback.

GWA was a chance to really find out what others - including the editor of Martha Stewart's magazine- are doing. The takeaway is simple- In my practice as Garden Writer, Speaker and consultant I need to be more like Martha. She reuses every little bit of work in so many ways.

In other words I need to get my book into excerpts, videos, and inboxes of people who are interested in smart funny garden info..... so help me out!

More to follow as I unpack my mind and my suitcase.

Meanwhile here is a picture from the Indianapolis Zoo Botanical Garden- who knew this garden would be the touring highlight of my trip?

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