Saturday, August 13, 2011

Moss on the lawn- a few cures

A huge success in Qualicum Beach is the way our lawn bounced back from mostly dead to thriving. This followed a few years of neglect while we discussed the “problem” and had an ongoing debate with neighbors about the best way to deal with moss taking over a lawn. In a climate where rain is the daily norm for more than half the year moss is often the majority of the green in the lawn. Our neighbour decided a ferrous sulfate fertilizer might be the best way to “cure” moss on this lawn and I was discussing his large dead patches of lawn where the moss is gone and nothing has replaced it. I top-dressed my lawn with fish compost, alfalfa pellets and a heavy dose of lawn seed. In other words I tried to amend the soil as much as the lawn itself believing every bit of success in gardening is based on soil quality regardless of where you garden or what you grow. Our lawn looks great.

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Claire said...

what in the fish compost and alfalfa pellets counteracts the moss? (since we also have moss where my husband would otherwise like grass...)