Friday, September 9, 2011

And Speaking of Annuals

Okay - a mother shouldn't play favorites and a gardener shouldn't either. But gardeners are only human and sometimes a plant comes along that surprises and delights you. Just when you were looking for a filler you find a new favorite.

I know gardeners want to know about new flowers in the spring not the fall but this one came from behind the pack - bought at Superstore no less- to surprise me with its vigor. In a summer defined by cold rain in June and July I tucked a few new plants between the other experimentals. Imagine my surprise when a plant I have never used before grew rapidly in shade and sun - dashing past all the presumed better plants to win the race and my heart?

With the crazy long name (Dorotheanthus bellidiformes) this trademarked Mezoo is gonna find a place wherever I need vigorous colour and carefree attitude (which is everywhere) in sun or shade. It barely needs water but if it gets it watch out. I like the thought of it spilling off my balcony next year instead of those wimpy petunias that barely made it past the starting gate and sulked for weeks in damp weather.

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