Friday, September 30, 2011

In Love With Wales: Reason #2 Rock

Driving from England into Wales I was in for a big surprise. While brick is big in England because they have the clay soils for making it, the big thing in Wales is rock, specifically blue slate. What can you do with rock?

A. You can build rock walls such as this one at Bodysgallen Hall.
B. You can plant rock walls with Zauschneria californica (seen at Bodnant Gardens)

C. You can pave , make shingles or plant labels with stone.
D. You can build a barn, home or castle such as this barn from the holiday home of children's author Beatrix Potter at Gwaenynog Hall in Denbigh
E. You can build a famous site such as Stone Henge (After leaving Wales I found out that the famous Welsh rock was transported to Stone Henge in England during prehistoric times)

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