Thursday, September 29, 2011

In Love With Wales: #1

Oh Wales, your rainy reputation preceded you and it just wasn't true. I am just back from a fabulous trip to see you in September (thank-you Visit Wales!) and the first thing I packed to bring with me was a raincoat. Since my return home people keep asking mean things about you: "Was it raining every day?", they inquire.

In fact the small group of elite garden writers invited to visit you, Wales, all came away with a new respect for your tiny footprint in the U.K. Yes it was green but we didn't see much of your widely reported rain. The food was fabulous, the scenery was varied, and the gardens were great. When we departed from the bus we had softly overcast skies, perfect for photography. My husband claims it never rains on the golf course. I claim the same for you Wales.(Photo 1: My little private cottage in Bodysgallen)

Over the next several days I will write about and show the ten things I loved most about you Wales. Today I share the unpublished wonders of the first night's hotel: Bodysgallen Hall & Spa. In a word: WOW. Is it a grand hotel or simply a lush garden? I can't decide.

(Photo 2: The big picture- a view of the hall and garden from the far end of the garden)
(Photo 3- A view of the herb garden)

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