Monday, September 19, 2011

Yes- it is aster time again

My neighbor complained his whole garden came and went again one weekend in mid-summer while he was away. "It was a real disappointment" he said.

I have decided that in my advanced years (yes I turn 55 later this year) I will no longer put all my eggs in one basket - will no longer plant only annuals or some mid-summer beauty that catches my eye in July. Forget about the traditional spring summer and fall. I decided to really enjoy all the various seasons such as peony season,lily season, helenium season, hydrangea season and now finally - Aster season.

If you happen to stroll by please take a peak at my Professor Kippenburg fall asters .... they are hardy and pretty. They have brilliant purple ray flowers with a yellow eye, and they are a super source of bee food in the waning season of fall blooms. Why not squeeze a few asters into your own garden next spring? They are lovely little shrub-like fine textured plants until the day they bust out and bloom all over.

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